Festival book - UK pre order with free shipping

Festival book - UK pre order with free shipping


Festival is a book that focuses on the art of celebration.

We are thrilled that Space to Breathe have collaborated with Richard Passmore, Beth Keith, Martin Daws, Talitha Fraser, Helen Dean, Holly Crosby and Beth Rookwood to create this collection of essays, poems, coaching ideas, meditations and writing - all on the theme of celebration.

This pre-order is a one-off offer particularly relevant to those people who supported our Kickstarter to fund our work with three UK Festivals providing wellbeing and mental health support. Sadly the Kickstarter failed but as people were so positive about the project, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to get hold of the book.

You can see a preview/taster of the book’s contents below.

The book itself will be available for full release at the end of August.

All pre-orders will be shipped by then.

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