Future Present

Future Present


This is a zine for dreamers of other possible worlds, other possible futures for our planet, society, business, church, or whatever other area of life you care to choose. Each contributor was invited to imagine a different future and then ask ‘so what’ for how we act in the present now. The first task is to imagine the future and then the second task is to act in the present on the basis of that imagined future, to make the future present, to embody a better world now. The reflections in this zine are quite macro - planet, church, city. But it actually gets just as interesting when drilled down to something very focused and local - a village school, a business, sharing work and parenting in a marriage, what to do about the 8 churches in a deanery, 6 families stressed out on work and paying the bills exploring how they might live differently together.

Future present is a play on a tense. It says something will have happened. The future is present. Life gets so busy and focused on the immediate that it’s much easier to live and act in the past continuous tense unable to change or shift out of old ways of doing, thinking, being. It does take some kind of intervention, space and intentionality to have a different kind of conversation.

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We’re very proud of this zine. We think it looks beautiful and its content is profound. We’ve created a little slide show of some of the pages so you can see for yourself.