Post it Poems (physical copy)

Post it Poems (physical copy)


A few years ago poet Chris Fosten started writing short poems on post-it notes.  He published them on Twitter @alphaood. 

What resulted was a fascinating, charming and very deep set sort short verse which stratches at the itch of the oddness of God.  Chris himself tells us "I'm fascinated by how God shows through in people and places you'd never expect."  

This theme continues as Chris develops a set of poems that he confesses was a bit of an accident.  He tells of how he over-tinked with a poem and came up with some questions about his approach in editing.  "I tried an experiment to see if I could keep my writing concise.  I took a post-it note and gave myself some rule.  1. One idea One Post-it 2. No writing small to fit it all on."

The result is this excellent book. 100 pages of poems themed around seasons of Lent, Holy Week, Ordinary Time and then Advent.  This is a collection you'll go back to time and again and we love it.

This is the physical copy of Chris’s book. Downloads are also available

You can find more of Chris' work at and you can find his Post-It Poems on twitter: @alphaood.

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