25: Advent Calendar, Comic and Flatpacks

25: Advent Calendar, Comic and Flatpacks


This iconic Proost Advent resource sees illustrator Is Smith create a selection of incredible Advent calendar themed products for download

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25 is a set of comic pages from illustrator Si Smith. Each comic page tells an aspect of the Christmas story. The speech bubbles on the pages have been left blank for you to fill in or tell the story in your own words and ways. There is also a pdf file 25calendar.pdf that can be used like an advent calendar. If you open the file and go to the second page there are 25 windows that are hyperlinks to the comic page of that number.

The accompanying resource - 25 flatpacks has a series of 25 flatpack models that you can cut out and glue to make the characters that relate to the day of that number. These are really fun! Print these off on light card.

Like all proost resources, use with imagination. We'd love to hear how you use the resource. Take a photo and/or e-mail us a story of how you use it. We'd love to know as would Si Smith.

We have imagined using it in a Christmas service of all ages, in a classroom setting at a school, in childrens ministry groups at a church, or in a home/family setting. So for example with a family, each day in December open up the 25calendar file on your computer and go to the calendar page (2). Invite a family member to click on the window of that date in December and tell the story together. You could find that part of the story in the bible. You could print that page off to give everyone for that day or look at it on the computer. Print off the model for that day from the flatpak and then each day someone in the family (or everyone if you want to make more) can make the model and gradually build up a nativity scene through December. You'll need some scissors and glue and sticky tape.

This resource was commissioned by the Church of England Diocese of Blackburn who have kindly let us make it available to a wider audience. They have produced a CD ROM with these resources on along with all sorts of other worksheets, powerpoints song suggestions and other goodies. You can order this from them by e-mailing jean.hornsby@blackburn.anglican.org . It costs £25. Why not buy one and give it as a gift to your local school?