40 Temptations by Ian Adams

40 Temptations by Ian Adams


40 Temptations is a beautiful and easy to use Lent collection.

Designed either to be used 1-40 or dipped in and out of, this download is the work of poetic, thinker and writer Ian Adams. Ian wrotes:

“To attempt to be a hopeful human being in the 21st century is a demanding thing. This resource is a series of 40 meditations with photographic images seeking to explore that task. It draws on the Gospel accounts of the 40 day testing, taunting and temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. And it imagines what might be the temptations or taunts that we face now whenever the light of our hope is confronted by the darkness in external events and by the shadows within ourselves.

These meditations attempt to look beyond any obvious temptation urging us to do something wrong - and to recognise the deeper questions that are being asked of us about life, about love and and about faith. If we are truly attentive the apparent temptation may even turn out to contain a gift, enabling us to better understand who we are, to reconcile our own light, shadow and darkness, and to step with imagination and generosity into whatever is being called of us.”

This resource has been a constant favourite on Proost as Lent comes round each year and we recommend it highly. Check out the sample pages below:

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