Cadence Cries by Andy Freeman

Cadence Cries by Andy Freeman


Cadence Cries is a collection of poetry from Andy Freeman.  Andy has been writing poetry all of his life but only began performing five years ago after being dared by a friend to do it.  Now Andy hosts Proost's Live Open Mic events which last year hit far flung places as Oxford, Chicago and Toronto.

The book reflects Andy's love of the melody of words and so expect rhythmical poems with an elegance of language and thought.  However, to stop there would only be half the story.  Cadence Cries is also an honest and at times gut wrenching journey into the paradoxes of life.  The opening poem begins "An Obituary for my heart, throw flowers at its grave."

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The content does get cheerier at times but Andy covers subjects as vast as homelessness, love and lost love, the refugee crisis, culture and even Donald Trump.  Yet in the midst of this there is also humour.  Andy also intersperces some short reflections and a few black and white photo's to add to the mood of the book.  You'll find 28 poems and reflections of considerable breadth and depth which we hope you'll really enjoy.

Take a look at this sample poem 'I was cool.'

I was cool


I was cool.

Before it was cool to be my kind 

     of cool.

Be cool became cool in a way that 

     is cool.

Before cool … I was cool.


I was cool.

When loving vinyl made you a 

     cultural ghoul

When off-grid living made you 

     some kind of fool.

I was cool.


I was hip.

Before it was hip to be my kind 

     of hip.

Before being so was ever so hip.

Before hip … I was hip.


I was hip.

Before bearded men embraced the 

     hipster trip.

When I drank from jam jars they 

    said ‘Get a grip.’

I was hip.


I was in vogue

Before being in vogue front-

     covered Vogue.

Before being so vogue was never 

     so vogue.

I was in vogue.


I was in vogue.

Before it was vogue to be my type 

    of rogue.

When the only thing ageless was 

    Kylie Minogue.

I was in vogue.


I was on trend.

Before the trend in the end was 

    being on trend,

Before this kind of trend was 

   ever the trend.

I was on trend.


I was on trend.

Before loving organic made you 

   everyone’s friend. 

Before craft beers and gin cheers 

   in pubs new-found blend.

I was on trend. 


I was the scene.

Before the scene so serene was 

   considered the scene.

Before the scene wasn’t ever 

   really a scene.

I was the scene.



I was the scene.

Before the machine ate this 

   forsaken scene.

Before edgy took pages in Celeb 


I was the scene.


Where did it go?

Where did the uncool, unfashionable edge lose its flow?

Now its vibe to be Corbynista’s in this Momentum show.

I’ve gotta go.