Formation by Ruth Wells

Formation by Ruth Wells


In 2017 Proost held an Open Mic night in Oxford, one of the contributors was Ruth Wells.

Ruth performed her poems, written for an MA at a local college and blew us away. Her natural performance ability, her passion and honesty. It was extraordinary.

We are therefore thrilled to release ‘Formation’ as a digital download.

Since 2017, Ruth Wells has been a friend to Proost for many years and performed at a number of our Proost Live events. Ruth’s collection of work has grown over time and we are thrilled to share these poems with the wider world.

We love Ruth’s honesty, commitment to truth, her real spirituality and her gift with words.

We love these poems...

We hope you enjoy them too.

This item is a Digital Download only. A paperback version of Formation will be released in September. More details to follow.

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Here’s Mythic Mother …

Mythic Mother

Handed down to me through the centuries Mythic Mother

Virgin Mother


Virginal vagina

Disembodied incubator of incarnation. Assumed assumption

Or maybe dormition

Adoration and contrition

Queen of our hearts

Mother of God

Our Lady

Or maybe not.

I can not be this mythic mother.

I am fleshy and embodied

I can not detach, detangle, dismiss my humanness.

I can not juggle all these things.

I can not be all these people.

My vagina has been stretched by sex and birth and death.

My body will decay- sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart.

My heart is not always open.

I am not always serene.

I am not clean.

Yet, mythic mother who lost a child

I lost two too.

So I wonder if there is more to you than meets the eye Icons don’t always speak the truth.