Francis: Stories and Reflections by Andy Freeman

Francis: Stories and Reflections by Andy Freeman


his little downloadable book about a little man from Assisi captures Andy's passion for St. Francis and his love of simple, deep and practical prayers. 

Francis: Stories and Reflections includes 40 days of thoughts, prayers and activities alongside narrative stories that Andy has written based on facts known about Francis life.  This blend of story, information, prayer and action is all part of Andy's aim to bring the life of Francis to life to his readers.

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The book splits into five sections each with a story, a beautiful hand-drawn illustration (by his daughter Jess Freeman) and then eight days of reflections.  Section one, "Meeting Francis" begins with a story of Francis' encounter with Christ in the falling down church at San Damiano:

"That day in 1206 he came across the decaying church of San Damiano, less than a mile below Assisi.  At first look the building might have been mistaken for being empty or unused.  It’s roof was fallen in, windows broken, holes in the walls remaining in disrepair.  Francis peered in and saw a priest busying himself with tasks around the building.  Realising that the church was indeed still open he walked in, hoping he might find some seclusion to pray." 

Four other sections then focus on 'Meeting the poor', 'Meeting others on the road', 'Meeting Mother Earth' and finally 'Meeting Yourself'.

These reflections are useful at any time of year but could be used at a particular season such as Lent or Advent.  Why not give them a try?