Give Me a Drink by Ian Adams

Give Me a Drink by Ian Adams


We are very excited to announce the release of Give Me A Drink, a new reflective resource on mission by Ian Adams.  

Ian describes Give Me A Drink like this:

Give Me A Drink is a series of sketches or reflections around the possibility of mission as the healing of all things. It is offered as a resource for all who find themselves transfixed or intrigued by the tradition of Jesus, as we seek to work out how the idea of mission in his name and in his spirit might be rediscovered and offered as a gift to the world. Give Me A Drink is for individuals and for groups, for communities and for churches, for those undertaking new projects and for those in long-established settings. It is of course not a definitive statement on mission, and I hope that readers will find themselves considering what they might add in to the conversation

Ian has been a regularly contributor to Proost over the years and excels at combining art, contemplation and deep challenge in his work.  We recommend Give Me A Drink very highly.

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