Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns by Emily Garcés

Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns by Emily Garcés


Announcing the launch of Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns the wonderful new book from Emily Garcés.

The book was released on 23 August at the Greenbelt Festival and we are thrilled to have it as part of the Proost family.

Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns is an incredible book - it is biography, meets travelogue, meets spiritual journal, interspersed with poetry and humour.

We met Emily at the 2018 Greenbelt Festival and she has become a dear friend. We love her honesty, enthusiasm for life and candid perspectives.

Expect 300 pages of stories & honest dialogue as we hear about Emily’s journey through life and faith. Through that allow her to cast a lens on the way we talk about the joys and struggles of life.

People who’ve read this book have been kind enough to give the following endorsements:

“I can’t say how much I love this spiritual travelogue – its emotional honesty, its joy, its excruciating pain but indomitable hope. I literally couldn’t stop reading. It made me laugh, weep and want to live more fully – and share a drink with those nuns! This is a beautiful book emanating from a beautiful soul – a perfect antidote to gloomy, mean-spirited religion, and an incitement to revel in the delectable, fragile gift of life.”

—Dave Tomlinson (author of The Post-Evangelical and How to be a bad Christian)

“Vibrant, energetic, authentic, gritty, and grounded”

—Peter Rollins

(author of The Orthodox Heretic and How (Not) to Speak of God)

“Without doubt the funniest person I know”

—Toria Garbutt (Yorkshire based spoken word artist and author of The Universe and Me)

“Emily’s life is a work of art… She trusts herself to live with her heart wide open in the moment, in the rich, textured, colourful movie that is her life, and invites us all to do the same.”

—Katie Barbaro (New York based stand-up comedian and host of the podcast Showing Up Messy)

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