Making Communion

Making Communion


A collection of communion prayers from Grace. This one pulls together the various creative ways that Grace have explored communion. Grace is a Christian community in West London that is part of the Church of England. They grew out of what was then known as alternative worship - who knows what it is called now?! They have explored creative approaches to worship using the arts, media and tradition.

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These prayers have been written over the last decade or so. The book has a 21 page introduction which is unusually long for our pocket liturgies books. However the reason we mention it is that Grace share their story of exploration and negotiating the balance of a creative approach and the tradition that they are part of including how they have dealt with play, improvisation, 'magic hands' and the canons even getting a bishop on their side at one point. It gives a framework to their approach which could be very helpful in itself for other communities improvising out of liturgical traditions.

The prayers and services themselves range from a communion around the story of the prodigal son, one inspired by the book of Acts and one inspired by a song by the band 1 Giant Leap - wounded in all the right places. It is a pdf and is a first for us at proost in that we have included a bundle of photographs in the flow of the text that works really well. It's also the fattest pocket liturgy book ever at almost 150 pages. We tend to use these liturgies around the table passing round an ipad or equivalent with the pdf downloaded. If you prefer a physical book you can order one below from -enjoy!