Passion Walk by Gavin Mart

Passion Walk by Gavin Mart


Passion Walk is a beautiful and moving mix of music, film and photography from Gavin Mart.

Included in this download are three creative elements which focus on the journey of Christ to the Cross along the path he would have trodden in Jerusalem and on the wall which now stretches along the Palestinian Territories.  The contrast of the journey Jesus took and the brutality of division today is striking.

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First element is a wonderful song 'Bring it Down' by Gavin with a special guest appearance from Martin Dawes, former "Young People's Laureate for Wales.'  

Accompanying the song is a film retracing Christ's walk through Jerusalem and including original photography of the wall dividing the Palestine territories from Israel.

The third element of this download is a complete set of the photographs used in the film.  Permission is given to use these photo's in spiritual/meditation or devotional settings.  However we would ask that you ask permission before publishing them online or in any other setting. 

You can see an example of the amazing photographs below and in the publicity for this resource.

We've very excited to host Passion Walk and recommend it for Easter/Good Friday reflections and for anyone seeking to connect the events of that Friday with the realities of contemporary Jerusalem and Palestine.

This whole package is available to download for £5.

Gavin has also produced an orderable Photobook (hard-copy) which is available from him at £28.  Contact Gavin through his website if you'd like to find out more -

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