Poems Save Lives by Sam Donaldson

Poems Save Lives by Sam Donaldson


Poems Save Lives is debut collection from Hull poet Sam Donaldson.

Sam says: “I am a community worker and poet based in Hull, living in a small intentional community called Matt's House.

When I was 24 I had the onset of the highs and lows of mood often labelled "bipolar" and ended up moving back to Hull, where I have been ever since. While back in Hull I have helped establish Mad Pride Hull, a small grassroots "mental health" organisation working to "celebrate diversity and challenge normality". As part of Mad Pride Hull I host a small poetry space called Poems Save Lives, which meets every two weeks for people to grab a cup of tea and to share poems that mean something to them, reflecting on them together.”

Poems Save Lives if a wonderful little work full of soulful, punchy and feisty works. There are great original poems but also wonderful prose and some great images. You can see a video version of Live Outrageously below and a sample of “Will You Wake Up.”

We really recommend this great little download. Sam is a wonderful poet with a lot to offer. We hope you really enjoy it.

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