Poetic Justice by Rachel Edge

Poetic Justice by Rachel Edge


Poetic Justice is the new release of poems from Rachel Edge, and her debut on Proost.

Rachel is a poet of the metaphor, finding a wonderful way of capturing emotion, feeling and drama in a momentary picture.  

From 'dark-chocolate ground' to the 'polytunnel of your peace' and 'musical Calpol' we find poems which paint pictures through this gentle and moving journey of poetry.

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Rachel shares four sections of poems - introducing doubt, exploring God in the city ('My Lord is a Barista'), rethinking faith and then sharing poems inspired by writing and song.

We've really enjoyed discovering Rachel's poems as one of our New Artists season and this is something we love about Proost - the opportunity to share new work with a wider public.

Hope you enjoy it.  Here is Fairylight Faith ...

Fairylight Faith

Fairylight faith

Bind us together, Lord

with wires that cannot be chewed through.

Link us in love connected to you

and let your Spirit flow through

from the mains through our veins

to light those in darkness,

among them as we glow.

We are your hands and feet;

our bulbs as your outputs;

may we conduct love well

and not insulate heat,

share not short circuit

but shine

like starsfor you.