Seeking Light by Ian Adams

Seeking Light by Ian Adams


Seeking Light is a wonderful new resource from Ian Adams that takes the reader on a journey through Advent, Christmas and Ephipany. 

If you're used to Ian's previous collections Peace Be With You, 40 Temptations and Give Me a Drink then you'll know the format well of this new collection.  Ian connects beautiful photography with striking and honest reflections designed to take the reader on a journey through a season.  Think more of an experience than a book or resource.

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Seeking Light captures the Advent idea of waiting but because it also encompasses Christmas and Epiphany (the revealing) there is a dynamic and hopeful nature that may be a surprise.  

Ian writes:

"One of the many gifts of Christmas is its capacity to nurture within us an openness to new possibilities coming into being, unseen, unlikely, unnoticed. Closer than we may imagine, something new is always being birthed. God coming towards us, God with us, God within us. A stream of light spilling under the door of darkness. May we not miss the wonder of this moment."

Once again we are very excited to host Ian's new work and know that many of you will be thrilled to be led on a journey once again by Ian's beautiful language and pioneering spirit.  Read on.  


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