Slowly and Painfully by Hannah Caroe

Slowly and Painfully by Hannah Caroe


This second title from Hannah on Proost builds on her beautiful “Dawn After Curling” title and shows the same intelligent and adept use of language, timing and poetic prose that give a unique flavour to her work.

This 64 page book in three books follows the story of a girl finding her way through the tapestry of life.  She concludes that “slowly and painfully” but with emotional strength, faith and a trust in the future she can overcome brokenness and move forward.  

In reviewing the title, Simon Ponsonby says "In this her latest story, Hannah eloquently conveys a sense of awe and beauty despite the clouds and shadows. Here we face humanity and hurt but always with faith, hope and love.”

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Hannah writes:

This is a story in which truth and fiction, light and darkness, tales of the sea and tales of the sky are woven together in hopes of forming something of beauty. It began on a napkin in a café and grew slowly, taking shape over several years. If by any chance you have read my first work, ‘Dawn after Curling’ you will recognise the first part of the story. Thanks must go to my family for being real and broken and hopeful and extraordinary, to my own first friend and above all to God the teller of all our stories. My prayer is that something here will chime with you, and that, whether or not slowly and painfully, you will find love – the greatest richness earth can afford – in your own lives. Be assured that God already loves you far beyond any of our imaginations.