Temenos by Ian Adams and Ric Stott

Temenos by Ian Adams and Ric Stott


Temenos is the new release by poet and creative Ian Adams and Sheffield-based artist Ric Stott.

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This unique book of prayers, poems and art is an exploration of the earthiness and reality of life.

Ric Stott writes "I found myself 7,000 miles from home on a bus winding its way up the mountain slopes of the northern territories of the Philippines. There are many stories to tell about that journey and that place held many gifts for me, some of them weren’t easy to receive, but this is where I discovered the word temenos. You may already know of it, you could have found it in a book or stumbled upon it online but as it happened I had to travel a third of the way around the world to discover it."

The word itself means a piece of land marked off, either for a King, Queen or Ruler or marked and put aside for God. 

Adams and Stott discuss the concepts of holy ground in a beautiful and unique way.

We are thrilled to share this with you all.

"Tucked away in the pages of Smith’s book was a page outlining the concept of temenos: A sacred space or grove set aside for the gods, a special place that enables the exploration of different ways of being in the world.
Discovering the idea of temenos was the discovery of a name for something I had been working on for the previous few months, a series of 10 paintings that are thresholds into sacred space. They each form a gateway into the sacred grove that the word encapsulates. In addition the poet Ian Adams has written a piece to accompany each picture. The paintings overlay image, colour and gesture and the poems weave words that open up spaces and invite each viewer to bring their personal stories and experiences as we move into the temenos."