That Week by Deborah Fielding

That Week by Deborah Fielding


“After sitting for a few moments, the meal finished, Peter gets up to help clear the table. On his way out to the kitchen with a stack of dishes he notices the towel that Jesus had used. It is still wet as he picks it up and lays it over his shoulder. The smell of soap and damp reaches his nostrils and a welter of shame rocks him on his feet. Sweat clusters on his hairline and a shiver rides down his back. He doesn’t understand anymore than he did before Jesus washed his feet, but what he does understand is that he should’ve kept his mouth shut like everyone else. Maybe they were silent out of astonishment or fear or something but they were better off. He wonders if he’ll ever get it right. What an idiot he’d made of himself.”

That Week is a wonderful collection of four stories from Deborah Fielding sharing some of the familiar characters of the Easter Week. Debrah is excellent at sharing insights and details from each story and brings alive the narrative for new readers,

This is a great accompaniment for Easter and free to download.

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