Treasures in Jars of Clay

Treasures in Jars of Clay


Treasures is a creative new release from Ontarian poet Bekah J.

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Treasures is a creative new release from Ontarian poet Bekah J.

We met Bekah J. at a Proost Open Mic night in Hamilton, Ontario and were immediately struck by the beauty and vulnerability of her poetry and the imaginative way she shared her work. This EP has come out of a growing relationship and we’re thrilled to share it.

Spoken word is always tough to share when its simply on the page. The tone of voice, emotion and expression are always a little dimmed. For this reason Bekah wanted to share not just words but an EP of her poetry, recorded live and with accompanying music. We love how haunting it feels, how earthy the recording is and how powerful the words become.

Bekah writes about the EP “The question of why does God allow suffering and pain (for me) was abstract until it became personal. And as my heart ached, I wondered, does the end really justify the means? Treasure in Jars of Clay is my attempt to process pain--personal, unwarranted, and unrelenting. While the poems have been written, fixed in time and space, all I really know for sure is that I see a pinprick of Light in the distance, and I find I can't look away.”

We think you’ll love this little collection and can’t wait for more.


3 PDF’s of the the three poems Immanuel, Lament and The Truth Is …

3 tracks of live recordings of the poems

A bonus track of verses from the New Testament which inspired her

You can also listen to a sample track on her artist page