Helen Dean

Helen Dean was born the youngest of four children in Worcester in the year England won the football world cup. After childhood moves to Scotland, East Anglia and Derbyshire, and studying Politics at Reading University, she settled back in Worcester in 1987, marrying her childhood sweetheart Tim and raising three daughters. Employers included The Inland Revenue, County Council (where she sometimes wielded a stopwatch whilst watching the work of grounds maintenance operatives), local primary school and local church. Writing continued alongside work and family and Helen's poems appeared in magazines including Stride Magazine, anthologies such as Bible Messages for Today (BUGB 2011), and websites like that of The Miscarriage Association. One of her greatest joys is reading one of her poems as an integral part of an act of worship. A keen quizzer, Helen's favourite rounds would be nineteenth century literature, films from the 1940s and British New Romantic music from the 1980s! Passionate about people thriving, she's recently completed a diploma in Human Resource Management, and is looking for a new employment challenge.