Agents of the Future

Agents of the Future


Agents of Future avast from Proost's past are classic Unusual Suspects. Their music has a fantastic raw energy to it. Based in Portland, Oregon their music is grown out of their grass roots community The Bridge.

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This what they have to say about themselves:

"We are a bunch of Jesus-loving, jalopy-gospel way-backers who get together and do creative things: Shrieking, speaking, flailing, failing, storytelling, fear-quelling. In the process, songs and stories are smithed and written, friendships and families are stretched and shaken, stirred and strengthened. Genre-gender-class-past-death-defiers and town-crying demystifiers of mystery history lead these pacifistic, full-frontally ballistic missives. Best of all, on frequent occasions, we see entombed voices raisin’ and we peek through the haze."


  • You Can Change My Mind
  • Nothing In The Way
  • Did What You promised
  • Perfect Love
  • Drawn Breath (Where Is My Hope?)
  • Sewn In My Skin