Insurrection EP

Insurrection EP


Dubh (pronounced "duv") is Irish for black (and a bit dubby). It's also the guise for Ikon's own Jonny McEwen who makes electronica which is dubbed out, trippy, warm, mellow, chilled, gorgeous, ambient, almost dub step in places.

The Insurrection EP was put together by Jonny Mcewen after a tour in the USA with Pete Rollins and Padraig O Tuama when he was stranded in New York because of the volcanic ash cloud. For this EP samples of 1930s and 1940s gospel music are in the mix along with spoken word samples from Pete and Padraig. 

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  • Insurrection intro
  • Gabriel's call
  • Found and lost
  • Not LA
  • Blow
  • 2doubtDvine
  • Go in pieces