Songs for the Way

Songs for the Way


Songs for the Way is a unique and exciting musical project.  Joshua Walters, a product of 90's Grunge music found himself experiencing new styles and new music as he encountered neo-monastic communities in North America.  As he travelled and understood these delicate ancient forms of reflection he went on his own journey to both use and then to create chants and contemplative music.

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Songs for the Way has a number of elements.  An EP provides short chants for repetition and personal/corporate use.  All the seven tracks on the EP are short in length (1-2 mins) but Joshua is inviting people to use and use again on repeat.  Set up your player to repeat with no gap between tracks and the music loops in a haunting and hypnotic way. 

But these tracks are also a playing guide and are are accompanied by a much large PDF pack with sheet music for 30 songs in all which cover each season.  This pack also includes prayers, reflections and player notes so that this can be an immersive experience.

Joshua writes "All these songs were written with the gathered community in mind.  Though they may be sung alone in private prayer, it is my hope that they will be sung whenever and wherever fellow pilgrims gather to support their common journey with God."

Songs for the Way is a wonderful resource for anyone who gathers others or leads others in reflecting on God.  Its a resource that involves you gettting your hands dirty, to experiment with the songs and chants and to learn them.  But it is a wonderful gift when you begin to experience and experiment with it.

Songs for the Way is also a great accompaniment to someone interested in renewing the ancient practices of contemplative and monastic traditions.  It is a hands-on contemplative singing guide.

We love it and think Its a real gem. 

Track Listing 

1. Collect for Purity 

2. Jesus Prayer 

3. To Be Filled 

4. Heart of Flesh 

5. Who Am I 

6. Be Still 

7. Christ in Us