Spoken Word and New Releases

This month we’re releasing work from a new poet to the Proost family.

Rebekah Lazarski came along to a Proost Live Open Mic night in Hamilton, Ontario last May. We were immediately blown away by her vulnerable and heartfelt poetry and the imaginative and engaging way she shared it. So we started chatting and Treasures in Jars of Clay is the result.

This is a lovely little release of three original poems and then three MP3’s of the poems performed live, complete with Rebekah’s unique style of delivery. The EP is available for £3 and we’re excited to be sharing it with the world.

Why don’t you let us know what you think using @ProostTweets on Twitter and the #proostart.

Whilst we’re mentioning Spoken Word we want to remind you of the incredible treasures all over the site when it comes to poetry. Particularly we’d love to recommend these three beauties..

Reaching for Mercy is the 2nd Proost poetry collection. Debuted at Greenbelt, this is now available as a download and a physical book. Loads of new poets, loads of incredible poetry.

Flock is a lovely little EP created by Harry Baker and Chris Read. Spoken word vibes with reflective thought and heartfelt beats. Available to download.

Post-it Poems is the creation of the wonderful Chris Fosten. What happens if you embark on an experiment of brevity, putting all your poems on a post-it. This is what happens and it’s wonderful. Available to download.