Proost's new online future

Welcome to the new website.  

Since Proost became part of Space to Breathe in 2015 we've wanted to update and migrate our web presence into something more akin to a label and this is the result.

Proost presents art with a soul but we are aware that art and the way we consume it has developed considerably in the last few years.  As a result we wanted a site that embraced online listening, that highlighted downloads, that profiled our music more and finally that allowed the purchase of physical books and vinyl as well as working in a digital platform.

If you're used to our old site, you can still buy digital subscriptions as before and can still find all your favourite artists.  However, you can now buy physical books and in time add to your vinyl collection.

We also want to take time to feature stuff we like and to release more free material so watch for that very soon. 

In the meantime though, welcome....

Andrew Freeman