Future Present

Sometimes we find a dream or an idea takes on a life of its own.

In the summer Proost ran its first Kickstarter campaign. Partnering with the Church Mission Society we wanted to launch a zine called Future Present. It was designed to be a zine for dreamers.

What if we looked at our broken battered hopeful and joyous world and imagined new possibilities?

What would happen if we then had the boldness to imagine those dreams into reality? To say what if and why not?

Future Present drew contributions from 14 writers across different spheres of influence to make that very proposal. Imagine a new world. They did and the ideas, images and feel of the zine make this an intensely hopeful collection. We therefore went into the Kickstarter with hope and some expectation, but we couldn’t really imagine what would take place.

Within days we were over halfway to our target. People were supporting the project from all over the world. What I liked was that this was an army of small and very valuable contributions. Mostly we had people pledging £10 in return for a zine. This made it all feel very grassroots and practical. This is what Proost is all about.

We reached our target and were able to print the zine, with first copies appearing in late July. We were able to showcase Future Present at this summers Greenbelt Festival too.

The reaction to the zine has been amazing and we have all been blown away but we also feel like there’s more to come, that there’s more dreaming to be done.

In the meantime, Future Present is now available as a beautiful zine to everyone for £11 plus postage. You can order copies right here on Proost.

If you’ve not picked up the vibe and want to know more, check out this sneak peak and we’d love it if you wanted to buy a copy. This is a collection that we think will inspire many others.

Andrew FreemanFuture Present