Navigating Lent

As we enter February our eyes have begun to turn towards the season of Lent which is always a unique and special time here at Proost HQ.

In his book “Great Lent: Journey to Pascha,” Orthodox theologian Father Schmemann writes of the Lent as a time of “bright sadness”: an introspective and reflective time but also one where light is never far away.

We get that paradox of sadness and light through the incredible art we are proud to host here at Proost.

We wanted to give you a little tour around what’s available and hope you find it helpful.

Each Lent we're amazed at the way 40 by Si Smith & Chris Goan continues to connect with Proost regulars. Take a look at 40 Book and 40 the video to explore this wonderful creation and the way it helps people through this season.

40 Temptations by Ian Adams is a beautiful resource is in the mould of Give Me a Drink and other reflective downloads from Ian. It takes us beyond a simple understanding of temptation to consider our inner and more subconcious darkness. Then far from running away from the dark he encourages us to embrace it and to sanctify it - sometimes even discovering gifts within it. These reflections were part of Ian's own Lent journey in 2015 so have a practical power which shines through. Take a look at the product page and we really recommend this lovely set of meditations.

Francis:Stories and Reflections by Andy Freeman, is a really useful Lent companion breaking down the life of Francis of Assisi into 40 reflections with accompanying stories and some wonderful original art by Jess Freeman. Its available in download or physical book form.

Enter Exodus is an excellent Lent resource by Chicago-based Plural Guild. Plural Guild are the collective who are behind band The Many who also feature on the site this month. Enter Exodus is a beautifully crafted journey through Lent with reflections, music and devotional aspects. Its well designed and a deeply challenging read.

Music-wise we have a number of releases which have a Lent theme including Steve Leach’s Embracing Damage and the Hidden Hour’s Nazareth Ep. Expect an ambient vibe, reflective feel and electronic influences on each.

There are also our great range of paperback books including our Pocket Liturgy series and Lent related titles like Tim Watsons Hymnal’s for the Wild Volume 1 and Volume 2. Check out the books section for full details.

Whatever you shoot for we hope as Lent approaches you find some brightness in the sadness and plenty of light in the dark.

See you soon :)