Marking Easter week

Next week see’s the lead-up week to Easter begin.

Traditionally know as Holy Week, this is a time when people remember the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection like the supper he had with his disciples on Maundy Thursday marking the Jewish Passover celebration.

These events and celebrations may be near and dear to you or might be something you know a bit about but you’re less familiar with. Easter spirituality can mean many things to many people but given that its expect nearly 2 Billion people will pray the Lords Prayer this coming Easter Sunday*, what can we take from these events that can grow our own spirituality and wellbeing?

Here at Proost we’ve got a few resources which may help you out on an Easter Journey this year.

That Week is a beautiful set of four stories from Deborah Fielding. These are so readable and explore the events of Easter Week. They’re also free - thanks Deborah for continuing to make them available to us.

Si Smith’s Stations of the Resurrection is a wonderful animated resource for Easter. Rather than traditional stations which mark Jesus’ journey through Jerusalem, these stations are set in the city of Leeds and through illustrations reveal something of the Easter story in everyday lives. Si is a superb Illustrator and we love his work like 40 and Advent Calendar. Stations of the Resurrection is another Proost classic in this genre.

Gavin Mart has created the wonderfully powerful Passion Walk. Set to his song ‘Bring it Down’ from the album of the same name, Gave creates a movie of the walk Jesus took on Good Friday but through contemporary Jerusalem. Its beautiful, powerful and moving.

Gav’s work seeks to highlight not just the historical events that took place in Jerusalem but also the contemporary challenges in modern day israel and Palestine. Check out his movie Amos for a challenging view of what the places mentioned in the gospel stories look like now.

In our music section, Steve Leach’s Gardens EP is a brilliant Easter accompaniment. Steve looks at three gardens set in the Christian story - Eden, Gethsemane and Paradise. Expect ambient beats and Steve’s usual brilliant originality and style.

In Books, check out two Poetry compilations Learning to Love and Reaching for Mercy. Both include Easter specific poems and are available in hardcopy or download.

If you’re looking for a few things to inspire your Easter imagination, particularly if all this is new to you. Check out these free movies online.

Harry Baker, featured on this site, shares a poem in 2011 on the life of Peter and the anxiety and emotion involved in the fear of letting someone else down.

We’re also very grateful to Jonny Baker and Grace in ealing for the inspiration they continue to give and the many resources on this site inspired by them. They have a great liturgy archive and we’ve picked out “God of the Broken People and Places for this little article. Check it out..

We hope whatever you’re doing you have a fantastic Easter and look forward to seeing you soon.

* Source for stat