New for August - Liana Condor, Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns and Formation

It's the 1st August and we are thrilled to mark the beginning of a new month with new material and news from Proost-world. Strap yourselves in.

Liana Condor

One of the areas we're seeking to grow at Proost is to add to our music catalogue and in particular to give space to new unsigned and up-and-coming artists.

We are therefore thrilled to share Liana Condor and his four-track EP with you. Liana Condor is the alter-ego of Sheffield musician Joe Williams and as we've got to know Joe we've been impacted by the depth and soul of his music, mixed with his extraordinary skill and ingenuity. Liana Condor is all about the guitar, the percussion and the effects pedals. If anyone of remember Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly from the early 2000's you'll get the idea.

Liana Condor EP is released now for download and you'll get four tracks for £3.50.

Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns by Emily Garces

We are really excited to be working on the release of 'Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns' by Emily Garces. This epic travelogue mixed with spiritual auto-biography mixes humour, honesty, story and challenge. We are so proud to be working with Emily on this, her first book and are looking forward to sharing it with you. We've been able to share Hitchhiking with a few people and wanted to share Dave Tomlinson's (author of Post Evangelical and other titles) review of the book.

“I can’t say how much I love this spiritual travelogue – its emotional honesty, its joy,its excruciating pain but indomitable hope. I literally couldn’t stop reading. It made me laugh, weep and want to live more fully – and share a drink with those nuns! This is a beautiful book emanating from a beautiful soul – a perfect antidote to gloomy, mean-spirited religion, and an incitement to revel in the delectable, fragile gift of life.”

Emily's book is due to be released for the Greenbelt Festival at the end of August and will be available in paperback and digital download forms. However we can offer a Pre-Order now.

Formation by Ruth Wells

Also this month we are very excited to share 'Formation' by Ruth Wells with you. Two years ago, Ruth turned up at one of our Open Mic nights in Oxford and blew the audience away. Since then she's performed at a few of our Proost Live events and she's been a friend and powerful performer in the Proost family.

Now we can release 'Formation' - a honest, raw, challenging and deep set of poems. We are sure this collection will just be the start for Ruth who has natural performance ability and challenges issues of patriarchal power, church formation, womanhood and identity in this unique set of poems.

Formation is available as a digital download right now and then will be released as a paperback in September.