Thank you Greenbelt ...

Well its the Wednesday after the night before.

Our team have got home, washed and slept and the dust is settling on a wonderful Greenbelt Festival weekend.

Our four days, working with our friends at Space to Breathe, we helped to:

  • Curate the Chapel venue

  • Run our Roadside Stories performance in the Shelter.

  • Host daily meditations.

  • Support festival go-ers in their wellbeing.

It was particularly exciting to share ‘Roadside Stories’ for the first time with an audience and see over 200 people attend. Thanks to everyone who took part.

We’ll be sharing some of the content of that performance in the next few weeks.

In the G Book Store we also formally launched our two new titles, Festival: A tribute to the Art of Celebration and Hitchhiking with Drunken Nuns by Emily Garces.

People have been asking at the Festival how they can stay in touch and support our work.

If that interests you then, please do consider:

  • Buying a copy of one of our books.

  • Supporting us for $10 (approx £8) a month on our Patreon page .

  • Subscribing to our newsletter on our homepage.

We’ve also had requests for details of the prayers, poems and performance of Roadside Stories and we’ll be sharing that shortly.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with our pictures from the weekend and thanks again.

Thanks to Kinder, Emily and Jess for the pictures.