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PROOST- art with soul

A little our story


Welcome to Proost…

You’ve found yourself on the pages of Proost, the arts label of Space to Breathe, Sheffield-baed Community Interest Company.

Proost champions art with soul. We seek to promote the work of poets, musicians, writers, visual artists and creatives who haven’t otherwise had the exposure we think they deserve. You’ll find a lot of new material and new artists and we are always on the look out for new material. Why not contact us at info@proost.co.uk if thats something you can offer.

Proost’s journey began a long time ago in the hands of three visionary creatives - Jonny Baker, Aad Vermeyden and Jon Birch. These three guys created a website offering alternative resources for devotion and spirituality - they were in many ways ahead of their time.

Today Proost is about providing art with soul - thats our mantra Anything art that has a form of spirituality at its heart is what we’re about. This shouldn’t be religious or dogmatic but is a spirituality open to all and accessible to all.

Many of the resources created here have the ability to develop our own wellbeing and thats important to us. Our parent company Space to Breathe seeks to encourage all people to live well, live fully and live deeply. You can find out more about Space to Breathe’s work at their website.

In the meantime enjoy the site. You can access content through Music, Digital Downloads and then physical Books. We are aiming to add Vinyl to our repertoire in the near future.

We also run live events so come and see us if we’re visiting a town near you.

Lastly Proost exists only through the creativity of others. If we can champion your work drop us a line (info@proost.co.uk) or find us on the social media below.